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Case of iPad mini A1489 - Overdrawing Power, Not Charging while on. (Replaced Port and Tristar IC)

Came in with no power, for Charging port Repair. After intial Inspection found water damage on port (image), only sign of liquid damage to device.

After replacement of the port, the device overdraws power from the port (5v, 2.34 amp). Replaced the port again, same results.

Device only charges when powered off, or if the device is plugged in while it is powered off and left plugged in, it will charge while on.

Tristar tester found fault in PP5V0_USB (image)

Tristar was replaced, problem persists the exact same. Changed Tristar again, same results.

Infrared camera found overheating on the CPU (image)

Online forums Presented no aid on this particular issue.

My hypothesis is a bad PMUIC, costumer decided not to proceed with PMUIC Repair.

No solution found in the end.

We will let the customer know to use the device at their own risk.

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