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iPhone XR Not Charging through port, overheats through Wireless Charging

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

iPhone xr originally Came in for charging port repair.

The device does nothing when plugged in to a lighting cable. 0.0 amp Draw from Port.

The device fails at 4 PP5V0_USB when Hydra Is tested.

I was able to power the device on through wireless charging, but the device overheats and turns off Almost right away.

I suspect broken hydra chip, the customer agreed to pay for a replacement Of hydra.

After shield removal, thermal camera revealed overheating of hydra.

After hydra was replaced, the phone is working fine.

Will recommend throwing away the cable that was used to charge this phone, as that’s the most likely cause of the damaged HYDRA chip.

The repair was successful. Everything works 100%

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